September 4, 2017

Today’s learners might be digital natives, but when asked how they will go about taking notes on a tablet while working through their English reader, they had no idea. This is a common problem when adding technology to your classroom. In the same way, you had to show your learners how to take and organise notes on paper, you have to show them how to do this digitally.

To help them, I created a Google sheet, with separate tabs for all the characters and themes. Each tab consisted of only 2 columns, one to write in and one to put page references. This was shared with them through Google Classroom with each learner having their own copy of the file. For the rest of the term, they are expected to add notes as we work through the book.

Some advantages of using digital notes:

1.    Their notes are all together and always in class.
2.    In the past, we would spend at least one lesson creating a notebook with pages for all the characters and themes. Now I created the file beforehand and it took maybe 5 minutes for everybody to familiarise themselves with it. Giving me 40 minutes of teaching time back.
3.    By sharing it through Classroom, I can access their notes and give them feedback without having to take home a whole pack of books.

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