September 4, 2017

Last year I wrote about taking digital notes on Lord of the Flies. It was something that one of our English teacher’s came up with, and we had no idea if it was going to work or not.
I am happy to report that it was so successful that not only will she be using it again, but we also created something similar for To kill a Mockingbird.

One of the things I like about this activity is that it can be very low tech. The teacher who came up with it is definitely not one of our technological trail blazers. And there is not need to be. Once the spreadsheet is set up, all you have to be able to do it create a copy for everyone on Classroom.

But you can also do a lot more with it. Here are some ideas.

  •  Randomly choose 5 learners every week and check up on there notes. Make sure you give them a constructive comment, so that they know that you were looking at there work. You can even give a price for the person who came up with the most insightful notes for that week. 
  • Once you have covered the physical attributes of the characters ask the learners to search for a picture of how they imagine the characters will look and add it to the notes. 
  • Learners can also add links to websites like sparknotes. 

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