September 4, 2017

I am always looking for ways that teachers can save time. Sometimes it is big things, and sometimes like today, it is in small things. 

Whenever I invigilate exams, I always read the questions and see what I would make of it. I especially love to challenge myself to make something of the creative essays. But more often than not, the topics are so predictable. So I asked one of my colleagues that always set interesting questions, where she gets her inspiration. 
She introduced me to a Twitter account @itssixwordstory
They tweet, well a story in six words. And often it is the perfect prompt for an essay. 

I think you can even take this a step further. Next time your kids have to write a creative essay for practice, don’t give them a topic but ask them to go to the Twitter account and choose a tweet to act as their inspiration. 

One of the things technology allows us to do is differentiate. We do not all find the same things inspiring; we do not all have the same experiences, why should all the learners write about the same thing. 

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