What is G-Suite for Education?

Google Classroom or G-Suite for Education is a collection of apps that are extremely suitable to use in the classroom. Google puts a tremendous amount of work and money into developing online education and the best is they offer it to use for free. The only requirement is that your school sign up as a G-Suite school and everybody gets supplied with a Google account.

G-Suite consists of a core group of apps, Classroom, Drive, Mail, Calendar. Docs, Sheets, Slides.
To get the most out of these apps you need to use them together.

To read more about what each of the apps can be used for, read my

G-Suite – Everything you need to know
We have been using Google as our email provider for the past 5 years and 3 years ago we started to make use of the other apps. On this page, you will find lots of ideas on how to use G-Suite in your school.

What is Google Classroom?

What is the point of a virtual classroom?
If you have never had a virtual classroom you might wonder why you would want one. I made a summary of the most basic things a beginner teacher will use Google Classroom for.
Why use Google Classroom?
Google Classroom change your teaching in surprising ways.

Ideas using Google Apps

Making a plan
I made a how-to video to help the learners organise their Classroom folder in Google Drive.
Give personal recognition
We all know that there is nothing like personalised recognition to mothivate people. Using a mail merge you can do it in seconds. This can also be used for Prize giving certificates ect.
Limit your sharing
When you share a file in your Drive it is easy to forget that other people have access to it and often people still have access to a file long after it is necessary, You can however set a time limit to sharing.

Trigonometry functions
Introducing my grade 10 learners to graphs of the 3 basic trig functions.

Lord of the Flies
Learners use this spreadsheet to keep notes on characters and major themes as they work through the book.

To kill a Mockingbird

Learners use this spreadsheet to keep notes on characters and major themes as they work through the book.


One of my favourite ways to harness the collaborative functions of Google Slides. It can be used for any topic in any subject.

Improve your exam game

Google Classroom does not only improve your teaching game, it can up your exam game as well. In this post, I explain different ways I use Google Classroom during exams. You can also download some great templates here.

Create a Writing Journal

Do you want to encourage your learners to write on a consistent basis, without drowning in papers yourself? Use Google Slides to create a Writing Journal. This post includes a free sample journal as well as a link to a complete writing journal for grade 9 – 10 in both English and Afrikaans.

Although there is nothing as invigorating as a proper training session by a Google Certified Trainer, you can do a lot of Professional development in-house using these ideas.

Classroom training (1)
Do you need to arrange training for teachers in how to use Google Classroom? Here you will find my experiences on different training sessions.
Classroom training (2)
Here you will find my notes for our Classroom workshop.

Where to start?

Your school have decided to implement Google Classroom and you might be feeling like the Queen sending her first tweet. The good news is, she managed and so will you.
Online discussions
Letting teachers experience the wonder of online discussions by using Classroom.
Project based learning for teachers
The best way for teachers to learn how to use the collaborative features of Google Docs is for them to create something together. We made our own staff Recipe Book.
Marking online
How do you mark paragraph answers using Google forms.

Super Quick Quiz
Will it take years until you have replaced all your quizzes with online activities? This Super Quick Quiz offer a solution in the mean time.

To learn more about G-Suite please visit their website