September 4, 2017

Athazagoraphobia means the fear of being forgotten, ignored or irrelevant.

When people talk about integrating technology in teaching, a lot is being said about teacher’s technophobia. But somebody suggested that teacher’s fears are a lot deeper than that, they are afraid that technology will make them irrelevant in the classroom. 

We all know that human beings have 2 reactions to fear, either to fight or flight. And while athazagoraphobia often leads to teachers fleeing away from technology, I have often experienced the opposite reaction, fighting. Not fighting technology, but fighting being irrelevant by embracing technology. 

Some of the oldest teachers on our staff, are the first to sign up for any training, or to try out a new project. They are so scared of technology, but because they refuse to be left behind, they are much more likely to try something new. By harnessing this fear, we now have a situation where the older staff are using more technology in their classes, than the more tech savvy ones. 

Maybe it’s got nothing to do with fears, maybe they are just great teachers. Teachers who will not allow their own fear of technology to prevent them from giving their learners the best education possible. Either way, I salute them.

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