Story Wars

August 23, 2018

Language teachers are always looking for ways to get learners to write more (and read more, but that is a story for another day), so when I came across Story Wars ( I was immediately excited. 

It has everything, an authentic audience, personal choice, collaboration and a bit of gamefication. Story Wars work on a simple principle. Anybody can start a story by submitting the first chapter. Once it is submitted time start ticking for the next chapter. Any reader is welcome to submit a draft for the next chapter, taking the story where they think it should be going. Readers vote for their favourite draft. And so the story is build. 
I think this is a perfect opportunity to show learners that not everything you do in class needs to be for marks. 
On a more technical note. I normally prefer to sign is using my Google account, but in this case I think having a screen name might be advisable for learners. Both from a security point of view but it might also make them feel a bit re comfortable. 

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