Breaking the rules: Old school vs New school

September 4, 2017

Today I do not have answers, I am just asking the questions.

Is it worse to send a Whatsapp (or any other IM) to somebody in the class during a lesson, than to send a paper letter down the row?

Is it worse to read an eBook on the sly, or to hide your storybook inside your textbook (we all did that at some point, didn’t we)?

Is it worse to doodle in your diary, or to doodle on your iPad?

Is it worse to play a game on your tablet, than to put your head down and sleep once you finished your work?

Is sitting by yourself, reading a book during a break, any worse than sitting playing on your tablet?

These questions were prompted by a discussion, earlier this week at the staff meeting, about rules and punishments. In each case, the teachers wanted to punish the electronic transgression more harshly than the non-electronic transgression.

I am just wondering, why?

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