Doing Kahoot! old school style.

August 23, 2018

In the last 3 weeks, I have done multiple training sessions on Kahooting. You might say it is my current party trick.

“Don’t know what to do for training? Get Ms Butterfly to show you how Kahoot! works.”

But almost every session have left me despondent. So few of the teachers in those sessions teach 1-to-1 classes. Most left my sessions very excited about something they will not be able to use for years. By the time their learners have devices, Kahoot! will be so “old fashioned” they would look silly to even try.

I am big on only teaching people stuff that they can use. Which made me question how much sense it make to train people in 1-to-1 apps, when there is no immediate plans for their classes to have access to devices. 

And then I came across this video on Living Maths Facebook page.

South Africa never cease to amaze me. This might not be ideal, but it is the perfect solution to our problem. 

I am only disappointed that it wasn’t me who came up with the solution. But I will definitely include it all my future training sessions. 

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