Doing poetry in the right atmosphere

August 23, 2018

Death be not proud – John Donne

In every class there are learners that love poetry and those that struggle to see the point. They have just never found the poem that move their soul. In a classroom there are limited ways in which you can create an appropriate atmosphere for a poem. But with the addition of technology a few more options are available to you as teacher. Why not try one of these video clips next time you have to introduce a poem. (An list of Afrikaans poems are to follow)

Still I rise – Maya Angelou (read by Serena Williams)

An abandoned bundle – Mbuyiseni Oswald Mtshali

Sonnet 30: When to the sessions… – William Shakespeare

London – William Blake

London (set to music 1) – William Blake

London (set to music 2) – William Blake

When I have fears – John Keats

When I have fears – John Keats

Futility(photo’s) – Wilfred Owen

Futility(1) – Wilfred Owen

Futility (2) – Wilfred Owen

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