Not every idea is a bright one.

September 4, 2017

I promised myself when I started this blog that I will not just write about the success stories, but also about those ideas that was less successful. 

A few weeks I was so inspired by a fellow English teacher who introduced  her lesson on Death be not proud, by John Donne, using this video. 

I went home and started to work on a playlist that include all the poems prescribed for matrics. An hour or so later I understood why language teachers do not start all their poetry lessons with an atmospheric reading of the poem. They don’t exist.  I could only find good quality video-clips on a hand full of poems, mostly classic English poems. On the more modern poems, or South African poems, I could find nothing that was worth considering. 
Never one to just give up, I compiled a list of what I could find, after all anything is better than nothing. But there is definitely a gap in the market for somebody with a beautiful voice and some editing skills to create more of these video’s. 

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