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Digital Literacy

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September 4, 2017

Teachers often mention that learners have no clue how to use computer programs like Word, Excel or Powerpoint (or their Google counterparts). So much so that teachers use it as a reason/excuse why they are not expecting learners to do more on their devices.

Good teachers add how-to tips to their assignments.

In an ideal world, all students should be taking computer literacy for a year or two. In the world we live in using a computer is an essential skill, like reading and writing. I was sitting in on interviews recently, and it amazed me that they even mentioned proficiency in Word/Excel/Powerpoint under their skills. I assumed it was a given. 

But it is not in the curriculum, and we all know that due to time constraints teaching things that are not in the curriculum just doesn’t happen. 

Not giving learners assignments to do on their computers/tablets are not the solution. One way of dealing with the problem is to give them tips. These tips don’t need to be limited to how to do things, but also how to make better presentations. 

After trying numerous ways of curating good sources, I have realised that that is what Pinterest excel in (yes, it is not only made for recipes and DIY projects). Have a look at my digital literacy board for links to videos that you can use. 

What skills do you think children need to learn while they are learning the curriculum? Do you have any favourites?

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