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5 Reasons why every teacher should try an InstaWorksheet.

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August 25, 2018

A few months ago I blogged about the wonder of what I call an InstaWorksheet. You set up a Google Slide deck and share it with your class. Each learner claims a slide and either creates a question, or a summary or a presentation about the topic that you are working on. Since I started using InstaWorksheets I have been using it in a wide variety of ways.  If you are not yet using InstaWorksheets you are missing out.

Here are five reasons for using Instaworksheets…

It takes no time to prepare an Instaworksheet

There are very few things that you can do in class that takes as little preparation as an InstaWorksheet. Technically you only need to create a slideshow and share it. But I like to have at least a front page and a page with instructions.
This morning I had my grade 9’s for a double period, and we all know that grade 9’s struggle to work consistently for 90 minutes. So while they were working, I quickly set up an InstaWorksheet and the last 20 minutes was spend on independent research.
To save even more time try this template.

Instaworksheets creates an Authentic Audience.

One of the principles of an effective classroom is to create an authentic audience. Learning is more meaningful when it is not just the teacher that will see your work. An InstaWorksheet allows everybody in the class to see everybody’s work. Not just does it encourage higher quality work, but it also gets learners used to the idea that work needs to be shared. Employers have often commented that new employees find it intimidating to share their work with their colleagues and superiors. Instaworksheets create a non-threatening way to make your work visible.

InstaWorksheets encourage independent learning

Another of the principles of a modern classroom is that the teacher is no longer the only source of information. An InstaWorksheet is an easy way to coordinate and administrate independent research and creative ideas. At the same time, it encourages learners to learn basic digital literacy.

InstaWorksheets works for almost everything

The InstaWorksheet concept can easily be adapted to fit every subject and topic.
You can ask learners to create a question.
Students can research a topic that interests them and makes a slide about it.
Or you can give learners different parts of the same issue to research and summarise it on their sheet.

InstaWorksheets is soooooo much fun.

I have always been jealous of language teachers because the creative work they do show them a different side of the learners. InstaWorksheets allows learners the freedom to express their personality in any subject. It is also an ideal low-threshold, high-ceiling activity. The level of difficulty is entirely dependent on how much effort each learner puts in.
I love every single of my InstaWorksheet activities.

Have you tried an InstaWorksheet yet? What did you use it for?

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