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eLearning Workshops & Courses

My main focus at Butterfly Classrooms is professional development. Hence I offer a number of eLearning Courses & Workshops to ensure that teachers have both the technical and pedagogical knowledge to make the most of the technology that is available to them.

Google Classroom Updates for teachers

Google Classroom got a complete overhaul in 2018. Most South African teachers might not have noticed this yet, because it only affected new classes, but when they create their new classes for 2019, they are in for a bit of a shock. None of these changes is complicated, but it takes a bit of time getting the hang of them (or sometimes just finding them)

Google Classroom updates 2018 – part 1

Google Classroom updates 2018 – part 2

Otherwise, join me for a 60-minute online workshop taking you on a quick tour through these changes.

Cost – R250 per person

If more than ten teachers from a school sign up, they will not only get a 10% discount, but we can arrange a session at a time that suite you!!!!

If you are in the Cape Town/Winelands area, I can also present the workshop as a professional development session at the school.


  • Difference between the Stream and the Classwork page and how to manage them effectively.
  • The new comment bank and online marking
  • The Google Classroom grade book
  • Copy your previous classes.


Computer, good internet connection webcam and personal Gmail account to sign up with.

The session will be done through a combination of Classroom and Hangouts.

This 10-day FREE ONLINE course has been designed for first-time users of Google Classroom. It is ideal for teachers who have just joined a school that make use of Google Classroom or teachers who feel that they have forgotten everything they learned last year.

You will receive an email each day for two weeks, with one task to complete. Each of these tasks has clear instructions and takes between 5 and 10 minutes.

Tasks include:-

  • Create classes and invite students quickly and effectively.
  • Create and use topics effectively
  • Simplify your life by using drafts and scheduling posts for the future.
  • Save time by posting the same thing to multiple classes.
  • Managing your notifications.
  • Reorganise you Classroom stream

Google Classroom for LEARNERS

Today’s learners might be digital natives but that does not mean that they know how to effectively manage an online learning platform like Google Classroom. One of the quickest ways to put teachers off integrating technology into their lessons is if they are expected to provide learners with the technical know-how as well. Over the last couple of years, I have experienced first hand how many frustrations can be eliminated when learners are given a basic orientation session on Google Classroom.

I offer these sessions at school around Cape Town for R250 per session (max 30 learners).

This session covers the following:

  • Joining a class
  • The difference between Stream and Classwork
  • How Google Drive and Classroom integrates
  • The Classroom folder in Google Drive
  • How to turn in an assignment, answer a question and comment.
  • The difference between private and public comments
  • Collaborative tasks in G-Suite
  • Managing your notifications effectively.

But there is more. I am also offering TWO facilitator workshops that will provide the participants with everything they need to facilitate an orientation session themselves. This is a 90-minute workshop where I will give the prospective facilitators all the information and resources via an online session on Google Hangouts to present the sessions themselves.

COST: R850 per school (more than one teacher can join us)


Dates for online courses & worksheets

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