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How to create a Google Form

How to create a Google Form

I don't say this easily, but Google Forms changed my life. Since I came across Forms 3 years ago, it has saved me hours and has taken the sting out of a lot of admin tasks. Over the past four years, I have introduced hundreds of colleagues to the magic of Google Forms. Here are my step-by-step instructions to not only create a form but to make a quiz that gets marked automatically.

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Back-to-school technology activities

Back-to-school technology activities

The start of the new school year is an exciting time, new classes, new learners, a fresh start. It is also the ideal time to introduce your learners to the technology they are going to use during the year while getting to know them at the same time. In this post, I share some of my favourites back to school activities, with free templates that are ready to use.

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Google Classroom: 6 ways to get started

Google Classroom: 6 ways to get started

It is that time of the year, schools are doing their planning for next year, and you might have just realised that you will be expected to use Google Classroom next year. eLearning is exciting, very exciting, but it can also seem like a huge mountain that you have no idea how you are going to scale. But don't worry here are six easy steps that will get you going.

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