Paid for Products

The internet is full of new and useful information, which make one feel overwhelmed. How do you know what is good and what is not? I spend a lot of time using programmes, reading up on them and trying new things, so maybe I can help you. Where ever I can I use free products, but the truth is that if you want quality the free stuff don’t always cut it. On this page you can find my personal recommendations when it comes to paid for products.

Butterfly Classrooms is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, this means that I receive commission when you click on one of the links and buy something from Amazon. However, I do not receive free books in exchange for good reviews. Everything on this page you will also find on my personal bookcase, most of them looking slightly worse for wear because I refer back to them time and time again.

The HyperDoc Handbook: Digital Lesson Design Using Google Apps

After being involved with eLearning for almost 2 years, I still struggled to visualise exactly how an online textbook/worksheet should look. That was until I came across The Hyperdoc Handbook. Lisa Highfill and co opened my eyes to what is possible when you start thinking outside the traditional textbook box.
The Hyperdoc Handbook is a easy read, jam-packed with ideas, examples and links to awesome websites. I have read the book from cover to cover and still find that I refer back to it again and again. If you are starting out using Google Apps and you just want to buy one book, this will be my suggestion.

Blended Learning in Action: A Practical Guide Toward Sustainable Change

If your school planning to integrate technology in your teaching and learning practices, look no further than Blended Learning in Action. It contains chapters on all the main areas that you should consider. This book is a must have for eLearning champions, principals and anybody that is involved with the management of eLearning.

Catlin Tucker is my go-to person when I want to see how a regular teacher in a regular classroom, managed to make blended learning work.

Don’t Film Yourself Having Sex

Any teacher (or parent) will tell you that it is scary to be a teenager in today’s world. While technology have opened many exciting doors, it has also opened a very scary pandora’s box. Emma Sadleir’s book is a compact guide to social media and digital law. If you have even just one social media account you cannot afford not to have read this. And if you are a teacher or parent of teenagers you should have social media so that you understand what it is all about.

Read it, share it, give it to your children to read, because ignorance is no longer a defence.

Acer R11 Chromebook

This is currently my favourite paid for product, not only for learners but for myself as well. On this device, you have all the mobility and simplicity of a tablet, but unlike most other tablets, you can do almost anything on the R11 that you can do on a laptop. I have just programmed the new Butterfly Classroom website on my Chromebook.

Does my Chromebook replace my laptop? Maybe not completely, especially if you are attached to Microsoft Office, you might find it a bit frustrating. But if you have already made the shift to cloud computing, you will find it a dream to use.

The Acer R11 is currently also at the top of my list of recommended devices for learners to use in class. You can get them locally in South Africa, contact me and I can put you in contact with my suppliers.

Books still on my wishlist

These are books that I have not read yet, but they are on my to do list. Once I have read them I will add reviews.