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ICT consultant

As your ICT consultant, I manage the whole ICT-integration process on a retainer basis. I offer the complete service!

This includes:

  • Advising on and managing the decision-making process.
  • Compiling policies.
  • Planning and arranging staff training.
  • Training sessions with the learners.
  • Coaching the ICT champions.
  • Creating digital resources in collaboration with the staff.
  • Tracking progress and reporting back to stake-holders.

We all know teachers do not have a lot of time to spend at training and workshops. Throughout the year I offer online workshops that teachers can do in the comfort of their own home.

Click here for more information about these courses. 

Research & Reviews

The eLearning industry is booming at the moment. Finding and deciding on the best products for your school is paramount to the success of ICT integration. But most schools don’t know what they are looking for until they start using technology in the class. I have been there, got the T-shirt, let me do the research. I can shortlist the best options for your school and walk you through the process of making the best decision for your specific needs.

Reports & Policies

Doing surveys, compiling reports and writing policies are time-consuming tasks. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Let me take the job of writing comprehensive, but clear policies of your hands.

An integral part of ICT integration is tracking progress. I do bi-annual surveys and report back to the stakeholders on the return on investment while making suggestions on the way forward.

Digital Resources

Effective use of technology in the classroom involves more than just substituting current resources and tasks with electronic versions. Most teachers, however, do not feel comfortable in designing electronic resources. I work with the teachers to create digital resources that redefine the way learning, and teaching happens by leveraging the advantages of technology.


Training, training, training, you can never get enough training. You might be spending most of your money on infrastructure, but you should be spending most of your time on training. The success of your ICT integration is dependent on training. I do training workshops on a variety of topics linked to technology integration.

This include:

  • The principles behind effective eLearning
  • Classroom management in a 1-to-1 class.
  • How to use technology to increase collaboration.
  • Game-based learning.
  • The downside of screen-time.
  • How to use: Kahoot, Recap, Socrative, Google Apps or Desmos.

I also do a session with learners called, “Are you controlling your phone?”

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