Learning from each other.

September 4, 2017

It is nice to read about new developments in eLearning or to get the professionals in to do some training or attend tech conferences. But during the last few months, our teachers have expressed the need to talk to other teachers who are on the same road as we are. So I have embarked on a project to find somebody in every subject to come in and have a chat with those particular teachers, sharing their experience.  This is an ambitious project since most schools are still taking baby steps on this road, and the teachers are not always confident enough to come and share their experience.

Some private schools are a few years ahead of us, but there are significant difference between what is possible in a private school and what we can do in public schools.

So during the next few months I am going to do a series of post on these sessions, done by a variety of people, lecturers at the university, teachers at both public and private schools and basically anybody else I can find that have some experience to share. None of these people give themselves out as experts on eLearning, they are just sharing what they are experiencing in their classrooms or lecture halls.

Dr Gareth Arnolt – Youtube

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