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Teaching and learning styles

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September 4, 2017

I want to throw a question out there.

Is it necessary that all classes in a school are taught in the same way?

I used to think that this is the only way to ensure all learners get the same education. And of course, it is the way the department of education and the curriculum envision it. But I have been rethinking that philosophy. During the year, I would make use of an online investigation to introduce a chapter, while my colleague would introduce the same topic using pen and paper. As long as by the time we get to the assessments all the work was covered. Why should it be a problem?

I came across this issue again a little while ago, when I did my range and domain investigation. After I did it with my class, I send the link to the blog post to my colleagues. Mrs S read through it and looked at me saying, “You know this is so not the way I am teaching.” 

Who am I to say to her that my way is better? Mrs S have been a successful maths teacher for years; her kids get the concepts, her way obviously work. 

Now before you start mumbling under your breath about the older generation that resists change, Mrs S is a great sport and was willing to try the activity in her class. (This stereotype of the older teachers not willing to try new stuff, is so not true) And afterwards, she could see a lot of the positives of doing it my way. But it is still not her way of teaching. 

We are very accepting of the fact that different learners have different learning styles, but we seem to forget that different teachers have different teaching styles. That doesn’t mean that you can not learn from each other, or that you should insist on your way even though research have shown that it is not effective. But we should leave some space in our system for teacher’s individual styles. I find teaching and in particular the planning of the lessons, to be one of the most creative activities you can engage in. But sometimes the systems kills that creativity. And this actually has nothing to do with technology. I feel very strongly about the fact that BUTTERFLY CLASSES is not technology classes, it is classes where you are always working towards improving, yourself, your learners, your teaching style. 

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