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Super Quick Quiz

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August 23, 2018

In my quest to share information, ideas and tips for all teachers I would like to share what it involves to create a Super Quick Quiz in Google Forms.

The reality of a teacher’s life is that it will take years until we have managed to convert all the files and files full of resources. Do not be too hard on yourself about it, your first job is to teach, and you can not be an effective teacher if you spend 90% of your time redoing resources.

But this shouldn’t mean that in the meantime your learners can not reap the benefits of immediate and individual feedback. I try to recreate one resource a week (and I don’t always manage that) and for the rest, I have created workarounds to use until I get to them.

One such workaround is my super quick quiz. I created this generic form for a multiple choice quiz. It consists of 10 questions with four answers. The form does not actually include the questions, though.

When I want my learners to do an old quiz, I photocopy the questions, like I always did. At the same time, I post the form to Classroom. Learners read the question from the hard copy and answer online. This way I do not spend hours retyping the questions, but learners still get the advantage of immediate feedback.

A second advantage is that because it is such a simple form, completing it takes almost no data. I did a test on my phone to see how much of my data completing the form would take, and it was so little that it did not even register on my phone. This is ideal if learners have to use their own data.

I have reused the form for some quizzes, all I have to do is change the answer key to suit the quiz and export the solutions to a new spreadsheet. (Oh and don’t forget to delete the responses from the last time you used it.)

Step-by-Step instructions to create your own Google Forms

Quick Quiz in Google Forms

The answer key allows automatic marking to take place. Click on the Answer Key button in the bottom left corner of every question and select the correct answer.

Click on the responses tab. If you click on the three little dots, you will get the option to delete all responses. This clears the form, but you still have a record of all the responses on the spreadsheet.

Every time you reuse the form, create a new spreadsheet where the responses can be collated. To do this, click on the green Google Sheets icon. It gives you the opportunity to name the response sheet, name it after the quiz learners are doing, for example, “Gr 11 – quadratic equations.”

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